If you do not regularly backup your data you are risking losing all of it. We can backup your data to as many DVDs as necessary or a hard drive, and setup automated backups on a variety of options, including the cloud.

Anything (family photos, legal documents, etc) you don’t want to risk losing needs to be backed up. Copying these files onto a disc and erasing the originals is not a backup. Three copies of important files should be kept, in at least two different locations, and at least one of those locations should be in a location other than your home. An example of this would be saving a document to your computer, having a backup on an external hard drive, and a third copy in a cloud service like Dropbox.

Your data cannot be backed up to the same hard drive that it is original kept on. All hard drives will fail, it’s just a matter of when. What happens if your data and it’s backup are located on different hard drives in the same computer and the computer is stolen? All your information is gone with it. Keeping a backup off-site helps protect your data in the event or a natural disaster or something like a house fire.

With all of the cloud services available today, there’s no excuse to not have your data securely backed up off-site. We can set you up with low-cost solutions that can be set up and forgotten about until the day comes that you need to recover the data. Depending on how much data you need to keep backed up, it is possible that you could use a service without monthly fees. Call today and we can talk about what options would best suit you.

If your computer no longer recognizes your hard drive, won’t boot, or is making a ticking noise, your hard drive may be about to die. If you suspect a problem you should power down your computer immediately and contact us to discuss the best course of action. If the drive is damaged, continued use will put additional stress on the hard drive and make the drive fail sooner and lower the chances of successful recovery.

All data recovery services include a free estimate and no-fix-no-fee guarantee. If we cannot recover any of your data, you will not be charged.